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Most notably known as one of the best shufflers of all time, Mikkiz has proved he is one of the best. He entered the scene around 2007 against HSR Row with his Fk Yeah Shuffle video. But Mikkiz is notably known for inventing his own moves along with his own originality, which is one reason people think he's so good. He got known because of his videos on youtube. His style is more based around glide movements with taps, which is more of a calm neutral style meaning his style is not too aggressive or too calm it's more in the middle and can go both ways. He calmly moves side to side but turns to move aggresively forward. His hairstyle and glide movements, along with his spin, called the Mikki spin where he kinda' kicks up his foot and spins with his foot almost touching the ground several times, has contributed to the shuffling community. Mikkiz is also most known for being in the Shuffling Crew Hardstyle Klowns, aka HSK. Mikkiz has also been performing for the shuffling community as a pro and has been a idol for alot of shufflers in the scene. He is also one of the dancers who's running man is very smooth and often seen as effortless. Mikkiz also attends Raves with his cousin Sacco who is also a shuffler from the group HSK. Currently Mikkiz has stopped making shuffle videos on youtube but he still dances when he can and goes to clubs and has developed more of a Rocker style, meaning more stamina and best suited to a nightclub.

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