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We are also in the process of looking for Moderators to take care of this Wikia as we know this is a big project and we cannot do it alone, we need your support!

Shufflers who cause problems will not be featured on the wikia because it just creates a bad vibe and promotes negativity and that's not what shuffling is all about.

For all business inquiries or ideas to add to the Melbourne Shuffle Wikia you can reach the Founder at 

For more information on Shuffling Crews see -->List of Shuffling Crews

For more information on Melbourne Shufflers see -->List of Melbourne Shufflers

Some of the music forms, events, history and dancers that contribute to the Melbourne Shuffle. Please contribute towards the content, this page is very new and we need to expand it! Please be sure to put some new Shuffle crew or shufflers, as it gives them a chance to be noticed, and for people to read more about their favorite shufflers and the contribution they make to this!

This Wikia was made with the intent so that this could be a database of shufflers from all over so people could learn more about their favorites or some of the ones they don't know and some of the ones who have impacted the shuffling community. 

For more information on Shuffling Styles see --> List of Shuffling Styles

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