Sacco is one of the most famous shufflers of all time.

He is known for having a style that no one else has ever attempted, marked by aggressive arm movements, dizzying spins, and kicks. Sacco's style is considered Wild-Stamina meaning his dance goes everywhere and the stamina meaning he can keep up the shuffle for a while. His trademarks are his blue lightning-patterned phatts and his white Everlast hoodie. his most famous videos are on his youtube channel, risk1710. One little known fact about him is that he is actually HSK/Mikkizz's cousin. He has stopped shuffling, and he runs an entertainment company. On occasion, Sacco does shuffle but he is Mikkiz's cousin so he is involved in dancing events when he has time.

Shuffling Crews he's been in.Edit

 He has been in two of the most famous shuffle crews: Hardstyle Klowns (HSK), and Hard Style Addicts (HSA). 

Dance Events Sacco Has AttendedEdit

Sacco has attended numerous dance parties and raves with his cousin Mikkiz.

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